Multi-Purpose Punch Machine (Eight Functions)

The multi-purpose punch machine manufactured by Diani Large Machinery has the following technical specifications:

– Punching power for sheets up to a thickness of 30 millimeters
– Maximum punching power with punch up to a diameter of 30 millimeters
– Equipped with a 25-horsepower motor
– Machine height of 2430 millimeters
– Machine length of 1780 millimeters
– Machine width of 1400 millimeters
– Machine weight of 5000 kilograms

This machine is capable of performing the following tasks:

1. Drilling holes in sheets up to 30 millimeters with a punch up to a diameter of 30 millimeters
2. Cutting sheets up to 60 centimeters in length with a thickness of 20 millimeters
3. Cutting angles from 3 to 18 degrees
4. Cutting circles from 6 to 14 inches
5. Cutting round bars up to 40 millimeters
6. Cutting square bars up to 40 millimeters
7. U-shaped corner cutting up to 8 millimeters
8. Cutting iron beams

Features and advantages of the punch machine manufactured by Diani Large Machinery include:

– High speed with maximum accuracy and efficiency, minimizing production time
– Ability to manufacture and install all punch and die molds, cut iron beams, bend sheets, and V-notch blades
– Free one-year after-sales services
– Maintenance support, service, and spare parts supply for at least 12 years
– Technical support and supply, repair, installation, and manufacturing of all molds
– Easy and cost-effective maintenance and service
– Ability to replace tools quickly and easily
– Ability to punch in different shapes including circles, ovals, squares, rectangles, and more.

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