Introduction to PLC Hydraulic Press Brake

Hydraulic Press Brake

The process of bending metal sheets is one of the most commonly used manufacturing processes. Whether you need to create the body of products, automotive parts, metal cabinets, tables, elevators, metal frames, agricultural equipment, or more, you require the bending of metal sheets. Performing this task manually can be exhausting and slow, requiring significant human labor. Therefore, Mashin Sazi Bozorg Dayani provides you with the necessary force for bending metals by utilizing powerful motors combined with hydraulic jacks and a hydraulic system. The PLC system of the machine also assists in adjusting your bending settings optimally, allowing you to quickly access saved settings for future use.

The fully hydraulic press brake with a PLC system is one of the best-selling products of Mashin Sazi Bozorg Dayani, featuring suitable strength, unique design, high power and precision in bending, and the use of PLC systems for ease of use, among other prominent characteristics of the hydraulic press brakes manufactured by Mashin Sazi Bozorg Dayani.

Components of the Hydraulic Press Brake with PLC System Manufactured by Mashin Sazi Bozorg Dayani:

Main Structure and Body

The main structure of the device includes bases, table, drawer, jaws, front gate, and steel blades of high quality. Given the force applied to the sheet and consequently to the machine by powerful jacks, the body must have sufficient strength to withstand the applied forces. Stress and bending forces applied to the structure are fully calculated and considered in the product design. The primary materials used in constructing the fully hydraulic press brake by Mashin Sazi Bozorg Dayani are of the highest quality available in the market. The angles, dimensions, and thickness of the steel structure are meticulously engineered in accordance with engineering principles.

All critical parts of the structure (points subjected to higher forces) are reinforced to ensure the necessary strength. Additionally, the blades of the machine are made from the best type of steel possible to minimize wear and tear during the bending process.

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system of the device is designed and implemented by the specialized engineers of Mashin Sazi Bozorg Dayani. The hydraulic system is installed at the rear of the machine to prevent contamination and potential damage. The main components of the hydraulic system include a 5.5 HP electric motor, gear pump, main jaw hydraulic jack, front gate hydraulic jack, coupling, electric valve, pressure switch, etc.

Electrical and Electronic System and PLC

The electrical and control system of the device includes the main control panel, keypad, monitor for viewing settings, PLC of the device, contactors, and electrical accessories.

The electrical circuit diagram and the operation manual provided to you at the time of purchase thoroughly explain how to use the machine.

خم کن تمام هیدرولیک

Hydraulic Press Brake Manufactured by Mashin Sazi Bozorg Dayani
Cost-effectiveness and lower price of the machine compared to other models
Ease of use and simple operation
Ability to program and execute 10 consecutive bends
High speed in linear and smooth bending operations
Low complexity of the machine and easy repairability with lower repair and maintenance costs
Most suitable tool for bending simple sheets up to 4 millimeters thickness
Low energy (electricity) consumption and economical usage (the electric motor only runs during bending operations)
After-sales services and unlimited supply of spare parts by Mashin Sazi Bozorg Dayani