Introduction to Electromechanical Guillotine Shears

Electromechanical Guillotine Shears

One of the initial processes in metal-based manufacturing is the cutting process. Manufacturers, in order to produce their final product faster, with quality, ease, and with minimal waste, need to cut it to the appropriate dimensions. This cutting can include rolled sheets or sheet metal. There are many equipments for cutting sheets to final dimensions. One of the most cost-effective devices for linear sheet cutting is the electromechanical guillotine shear. These equipments consist of an electric motor along with a gearbox, sturdy steel blades, sheet positioning device, and mechanical body. Here, we aim to familiarize our esteemed customers with one of the best mechanical guillotine shears produced in Iran.

The electromechanical guillotine shears manufactured by Mashin Sazi Bozorg Dayani, utilizing the best raw materials, are designed, produced, and supplied by the talented designers and specialists of the company with the capability to cut sheets from 1.2 to 4 meters in length. These shears, based on the cutting strength of ST37 sheets (common iron available in the Iranian market), are capable of cutting sheets from less than one millimeter thickness to 6 millimeters thickness. High-quality cutting with minimal burrs and minimal deformation is a prominent feature of the electromechanical guillotine shears produced by Mashin Sazi Bozorg Dayani.

Mechanical guillotine shears produced by Mashin Sazi Bozorg Dayani include the following main components.

Main Body (Main Structure) Including Frame, Table, Jaws, and Slides

The main body of the device is made using the best raw materials and its design is such that it withstands well against the forces and stresses resulting from the cutting process, providing desired and quality cutting for valued customers. The thickness of the sheets of this device is calculated in such a way that it provides the necessary strength while preventing unnecessary increase in the weight of the device. All angles, dimensions, and sizes are engineered and well-reinforced at points of structural stress. The machine table is also thoroughly analyzed for ergonomic use and is designed to provide the most suitable height for an average worker (between 170 to 175 centimeters).

The jaws of the device are one of the key components, and in the selection of steel, thickness amount, and types of connections, sufficient considerations are made to create the necessary strength against bending and torsional forces. The upper blade of the device is attached to the jaws.

Axle Assembly and Gear Motor

The necessary force (torque) for the movement of the upper jaws and blade is created by a powerful electric motor coupled with a gearbox and is transferred from the motor and gearbox assembly to the jaws (blade) by the axle assembly. The axle assembly includes a main axle, bearings, large gear wheel, shaft, and crank.

Thickness Adjustment and Back Gauge Assembly

The thickness adjustment assembly of the device is for setting the sheet thickness. Also, a mechanical back gauge is installed for determining the cutting width and consecutive and uniform cuts at the rear of the device. By using these two systems, you can adjust cutting settings for different sheets with different thicknesses and dimensions in the shortest possible time.

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Advantages of Electromechanical Guillotine Shears Manufactured by Mashin Sazi Bozorg Dayani:

– Cost-effectiveness and reasonable price of the device compared to other models
– Ease of use and simple operation
– No need for a professional operator and specific technical knowledge
– High speed in linear cuts
– Easy maintenance and lower repair and maintenance costs compared to other models
– The most suitable tool for cutting sheets with thickness less than 4 millimeters and length less than 4 meters
– Environmentally friendly due to non-use of industrial oils
– After-sales services and supply of spare parts by Mashin Sazi Bozorg Dayani in an unlimited manner

In the table below, you can see various models of electromechanical guillotine shears manufactured by Mashin Sazi Bozorg Dayani along with their technical specifications and dimensions. This table helps you choose the best electromechanical guillotine shear according to your needs.

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