Press Brake Introduction and Its Technical Capabilities

Press Brake

Press Brake Introduction and Its Technical Capabilities

Metal forming and shaping, particularly of iron and steel sheets, is one of the most common and widely used industrial production processes in the metalworking field. This process can be used to produce complex parts with high dimensional accuracy and precision, improved mechanical properties, and various shapes with a suitable surface finish.

One of the most common types of metal forming is bending, or the permanent (plastic) deformation of sheet metal along a straight line using a press brake. Bending (forming) is a sheet metal forming process commonly used in various industrial products, including home appliances, construction machinery and transportation, building structures, elevators and lifts, automotive parts, petrochemical industries, agricultural industries, and almost all metal products. The bending process is used in the manufacturing of parts such as metal frames and enclosures, metal bodies for various products, metal sheets, supports and restraints, hinges, channels, and other symmetrical and asymmetrical metal parts used in cars, airplanes, ships, and various consumer products.

Two types of bends are commonly used in the bending process: V-bending and U-bending, with V-bending being the more common.

In the bending process, the raw material (sheet metal) is pressed into a die (mold) with a punch (having various shapes and angles) to achieve the desired bend angle and shape. The bend angle depends on the die opening and the depth of penetration of the punch and sheet metal into it.

Knowledge and understanding of the principles and theories of the bending process are essential for the optimal use of bending equipment such as press brakes, manual and hydraulic benders. Lack of knowledge and use of inappropriate equipment resulting from the wrong choice of machine, punch, and die, or improper use of the machine can cause financial and sometimes human damage. Therefore, we invite you to study the articles that the experts of  Dayani Machine Manufacturing have put on this website to learn more and to share your knowledge and information with us through this website.

It is important to note that several factors affect achieving the highest quality bend, such as the correct and uniform bend angle throughout the work area (sheet length), a suitable work surface, and the aesthetic appearance of the work. These factors include the type and dimensions of the tooling, the type of bending machine used, the type of bend, the type and quality of the material, and all play a significant role in the quality of the output.

Press Brakes Manufactured by Dayani the Great Machine Manufacturing

Press brakes manufactured by Dayani the Great Machine Manufacturing are among the best and fastest bending machines available. Due to their capabilities, they can provide you with uniform, complex, sequential, and variable bends. With the machine’s settings, you can perform two or more different bends sequentially and repeat the same process on other sheets to ensure that all your workpieces are identical.

Through the machine’s settings, which are taught to you by Dayani the Great Machine Manufacturing experts, you can save the bending program for each product. In subsequent bending processes for the same product, you can recall the saved program and use the same previous settings without the need for new adjustments, speeding up your work. (200 to 250 programs can be stored and recalled in PLC models, and an unlimited number of programs in CNC models.)

What is a Press Brake and What Does it Do?

A press brake is an industrial machine used for bending sheet metal. It utilizes its specific tooling (punch and die and their accessories) and initial settings you provide to create uniform and repeatable bends.

By selecting the right punch and die, calculating the required V-opening (for easy selection of the appropriate V-opening and force, a guide plate is installed on the machines produced by Dayani the Great Machine Manufacturing), and making the correct machine settings (which will be taught to you by a Dayani the Great Machine Manufacturing expert at the time of purchase), you can quickly and easily carry out your production.

The punch is attached to the machine’s ram by high-quality tie rods, and the ram is driven by powerful jacks manufactured by Dayani the Great Machine Manufacturing. This movement is from top to bottom and vice versa. The die is also installed on the machine table, and the desired bend is created by placing the sheet between the punch and die and applying pressure from the hydraulic jacks.

When the ram moves down, the initial speed is high, and as the punch approaches the workpiece, the speed decreases and the force (pressure) increases.

By using Dayani the Great Machine Manufacturing press brakes, you can save the bending program for a part and recall the same settings in the future to continue your production without the need for re-adjusting the machine.

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Types of Press Brakes

Dayani the Great Machine Manufacturing offers a wide range of high-quality and powerful press brakes, designed to meet the specific needs of various industries. Our company’s expertise and capabilities allow us to manufacture press brakes in different sizes and capacities, catering to a diverse range of applications.

We offer press brakes in sizes ranging from 2 to 7 meters (width of the sheet for bending) and with capacities from 80 to 1000 tons. Our machines can be equipped with PLC systems for three-axis control or CNC systems for four-axis control and above. We also offer customized options to enhance usability and meet specific customer requirements.

Press brakes up to 12 and 14 meters wide (tandem) can also be designed and manufactured by our factory experts upon request. Larger or smaller sizes and capacities can also be manufactured on a custom basis.

Dayani the Great Machine Manufacturing press brakes are built using high-quality raw materials. Our designs prioritize the strength of components and the frame, ease of maintenance, durability, high reliability, and attractive appearance. The jacks of our press brakes have the rated capacity as specified at the time of purchase, ensuring the highest level of power and quality.

Press brakes available in the market generally have an accuracy of 1± degree to 3± degree. The accuracy of Dayani the Great Machine Manufacturing press brakes is 1± degree, similar to high-quality European machines.

It is important to note that Dayani the Great Machine Manufacturing press brakes are available in two models: PLC and CNC. The appearance of the machine is the same in both models, but there are differences in the way the settings and options are configured. PLC models are easier to use compared to CNC models.

CNC models are more complex in terms of settings but offer more capabilities than PLC models.

Here are some additional features of Dayani the Great Machine Manufacturing press brakes:

  • High precision and repeatability
  • Ability to bend a wide range of materials and thicknesses
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Safe and reliable
  • Durable and long-lasting

How to Choose a Press Brake

Selecting the best press brake for your needs requires careful consideration of several factors:

1. Material properties:

  • Pay attention to the standards declared by manufacturers, which are based on ST37 steel sheets with a tensile strength of approximately 400 N/mm².
  • If you use other types of sheets, consider their tensile strength. For example, stainless steel has twice the tensile strength of ST37 steel, so the required bending force will be doubled.

2. Maximum bending length:

  • If you work with different lengths, consider the maximum length and the most frequent repetition.

3. Maximum sheet thickness:

  • Determine the maximum thickness of the sheets you will be bending.

4. Required bending angle:

  • Specify the desired angle for your bending operations.

5. Bending edge:

  • Define the required bending edge radius.

6. Future workload:

  • Anticipate your needs for the next 5 years in terms of bending thickness and length.

7. Production volume:

  • If you have a high production volume, consider using a slightly stronger press brake. However, if you use Dayani the Great Machine Manufacturing press brakes, this is not necessary.

Considering the above factors, you can choose the best machine with the guidance of Dayani the Great Machine Manufacturing experts.

Based on experience, it is recommended to consider 20% more capacity than your current needs to avoid problems in the future with longer or thicker sheets or possible dry sheets.

Advantages of Dayani the Great Machine Manufacturing Press Brakes

Dayani the Great Machine Manufacturing press brakes offer a number of advantages over other bending machines, including:

1. High bending accuracy:

  • Achieves high precision with a maximum error of ±1 degree.
  • Reduces rejects and reworks, leading to improved productivity and cost savings.

2. Intelligent technology and automation:

  • CNC models utilize intelligent technology and provide an advanced automatic solution for metal bending.
  • Programmable control eliminates the need for manual adjustments, simplifying the operation and reducing the risk of errors.

3. Faster production and reduced costs:

  • Offers faster production times compared to other bending machines.
  • Reduces labor costs and improves overall production efficiency.

4. Easy operation:

  • User-friendly interface makes it easy to operate, even for inexperienced operators.
  • PLC and CNC models offer different levels of automation to suit various needs.

5. Versatile bending capabilities:

  • Capable of producing a wide range of bends through the use of various dies.
  • Programmable control allows for the creation of complex bends, such as cones.

6. Customization options:

  • Offers various options to meet specific customer requirements.
  • Provides tailored solutions for different bending applications.

7. Repeatable and consistent bending:

  • Allows for the execution of consecutive and different bends.
  • Easy to repeat the bending process with high accuracy and consistency.

8. Programmability and storage:

  • PLC models can store between 200 and 250 programs for future use.
  • CNC models offer unlimited program storage capacity.

9. Extensive after-sales service:

  • Dayani the Great Machine Manufacturing provides comprehensive after-sales service and spare parts support.
  • Ensures long-term machine uptime and customer satisfaction.

For more information, please refer to the press brake selection table below or contact our experienced sales team.

The table below shows the main parameters and specifications of Dayani the Great Machine Manufacturing press brakes, including dimensions, weight, tonnage, power, bending length, and more.

Please note that this is a general overview and specific features may vary depending on the model and configuration.

We encourage you to contact us to discuss your specific requirements and receive a customized quote.

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