Punch Machine

Thanks to technological advancements, production processes in companies have become more efficient, helping them reduce their costs.

One of these advancements is the use of punch machines, which are utilized for various purposes in CNC or PLC machines as cutting and shaping processes.

The punching process is used in manufacturing industries such as electrical, machinery and equipment, metal cabinets, automotive, accessories, and more.
The primary purpose of punch machines is to produce parts with high speed, precision, and quality. This is achieved in these machines using the force of a jack (hydraulic) and placing the metal sheet between the punches and the dies to manufacture parts with different shapes. Diani Large Machinery is proud to offer punch machines in both single and eight models.

Single Hydraulic Punch Machine with PLC

The single hydraulic punch machine model HP3030 is available with the following technical specifications:
– Punching power for sheets up to a maximum thickness of 30 millimeters
– Maximum punching power with punch up to a diameter of 30 millimeters
– Equipped with a 20-horsepower motor
– Working table height of 900 millimeters
– Machine height of 1850 millimeters
– Machine length of 1650 millimeters
– Machine width of 1100 millimeters
– Machine weight of 2000 kilograms
Features and advantages of the single punch machine manufactured by Diani Large Machinery include:
– High speed with maximum accuracy and efficiency, minimizing production time
– Ability to manufacture and install various punch dies (circular, oval, square, rectangular) custom and single model
– Free one-year after-sales services
– Maintenance support, service, and spare parts supply for at least 12 years
– Easy and cost-effective maintenance and service
– Ability to replace tools quickly and easily
– Ability to punch in different shapes including circle, oval, square, and more.

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